A downloadable game for Windows

Thank you for playing my first game!!!!

I drew and put everything together in unity! You can find me on twitter!  https://twitter.com/aconfuseddragon

All the lovely music and sounds were done by Viktor Kraus, who you can also find on twitter! https://twitter.com/ViktorKraus2

I am going to keep everything completely free but if you would like to support me and any possible future developments you could buy me a ko-fi!



This is my first game so please be gentle, there may be some bugs, some of which I can or can't fix (lol). This game is played best on a 1080 height screen WITH A MOUSE. If you can get a good score with a trackpad, you are defs an out of this world gamer ;)

I tried to find a good balance between easy and challenging, it may take you a few tries to get used to the gameplay, but it will help increase your clicking accuracy!!

I am also planning to add an android version soon! I can't afford to put it on a store so I will upload the apk here, sorry if it seems risky, but don't worry I'm too dumb to hack into peoples phones. The app shouldn't ask for any permissions.

The background night ambience is from www.zapsplat.com

Install instructions


Download ZIP

UNzip files (make sure they are all in same folder)

Open:  Under The Stars.exe to play



Under The Stars.zip 33 MB


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I love it, it's amazing!


Such a relaxing and cute little game โœจ