A downloadable art

I have decided to upload all my large gifs here for download!

Feel free to use these for personal stuff (wallpapers etc.) or for small youtube purposes or instagram video (CREDIT me please!) If I have not uploaded a certain piece that you would like just leave a comment!

I have accounts on tumblr (@a-confused-dragon), twitter and instagram (@aconfuseddragon) that you can tag in posts. For all other platforms linking to my twitter (https://twitter.com/aconfuseddragon) is preferred :)

As a courtesy, if you use these to post your own content please credit me in a very visible way! And if you would like to support me and my art or say thank you I have a ko-fi you can tip to! :D https://ko-fi.com/aconfuseddragon


Constellation Sunset.gif 4 MB
H2O-OS.gif 4 MB


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So beautiful <3 <3 <3

These are AMAZING! I love these so much! You're a wonderful artist!

ah thank you!! <3